ABS Project - Estrada Digitals

Elevating the Online Experience:

Redefining Product Industries, Promotion and Customer Service

Design Strategy
User Experience
Build Success

Project Description:

Our ambitious undertaking centered around the complete overhaul of a company's online presence. The primary objective was to revamp both the company website and its sales funnel, with a keen focus on promoting a diverse range of products and categories. Equally paramount was the commitment to delivering world-class customer service, elevating the overall user experience to unprecedented levels.

Project Challenge:

One of the pivotal challenges in this endeavor was to seamlessly integrate product promotion and category showcasing within the redesigned website and funnel. The complexity arose from the diverse array of areas that the company services, demanding a cohesive strategy that could effectively cater to the unique needs of each segment. Ensuring top-tier customer service across all touchpoints was another intricate puzzle to solve.

Project Solution:

In response to the challenge, we crafted a comprehensive solution that transformed the company's online landscape. The redesigned website and funnel were meticulously designed to showcase products and categories effortlessly. We adopted a modular approach that allowed for tailored messaging and user journeys catering to distinct service areas. To deliver world-class customer service, we implemented responsive support channels, real-time assistance, and an intuitive user interface that ensured customer satisfaction at every turn.

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