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Rexall Solutions' Product Rebranding Triumph

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Project Description:

Rexall Solutions, a stalwart in the chemical product manufacturing industry, embarked on a transformative journey to rebrand their extensive product line. With an impressive two-decade legacy in chemical manufacturing and private labeling, Rexall sought to elevate its visual identity and market presence. They entrusted us with the mission to revamp every facet of their products, from design to marketing materials.

Project Challenge:

The challenge lay in reinventing and rebranding an entire product line. Our task was to create a fresh, compelling look for Rexall Solutions' products, ensuring they would captivate consumers while standing out prominently on crowded retail shelves. It was essential to strike a balance between maintaining brand consistency and infusing new life into the product designs.

Project Solution:

Our solution was a comprehensive redesign of every product, focusing on creating visually appealing labels that integrated design, typography, and other elements to grab consumers' attention. We also crafted sales sheets and a product catalogue to support the relaunch. Additionally, we played a crucial role in executing rebranding initiatives, overseeing the relaunch, and participating in expo events where Rexall Solutions' products were showcased and pitched.

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